About Blair Toner, Employment Law Barrister

I’m a specialist employment lawyer with a focus on employment tribunal advocacy, advice and litigation. I have worked in-House at various law firms giving me extensive litigation experience on behalf of both companies and individuals. This makes me an ideal choice for public access work where I can assist with any task or take over the litigation management if required / preferred.
I also regularly work with employers giving non-contentious advice and assisting with documents such as contracts and policies. I make use of modern IT to ensure I am accessible and productive. My goal is to help clients achieve the results they desire with a focus on favouring the most cost-effective and least stressful solution. I take an innovative and modern approach to my practice to ensure I deliver an excellent service.
It is often reassuring to clients to have the same representative throughout their case or to have access to their Advocate at a more formative stage. It is for this reason that I often take cases from inception to trial or when acting as the Advocate only, to get involved as early as possible.

What Clients Say…

Blair Toner is a trading name of Toner Legal Ltd, which is an entity authorised and regulated by the Bar Standards Board (registered in England and Wales, company no 08704285)