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It appears that you commenced Early Acas Conciliation outside of the 3 months less 1 calendar day time limit

Time Limits

Time limits in Tribunal claims are usually short and strictly enforced.

In most cases, you are required to commence Early Acas Conciliation before you can present your Employment Tribunal Claim.

The start and end dates of Early Acas Conciliation have an impact on how the time limit for claims is calculated, please read this article carefullyyou should calculate your time limit manually, even if you use a calculator to help you.

There are two main things to be aware of/do concerning time limits:

  1. Be aware of the “normal” or Primary Limitation Period, which is the time between the act you complain of and the time you must commence Early Acas Conciliation.
  2. If you have completed Early Acas Conciliation already, be able to calculate the “limitation date,” which is the deadline to submit your Employment Tribunal Claim. The dates that Early Acas Conciliation was started and ended will be on the certificate that was emailed to you by Acas.

Please note, the Calculator presumes the normal/Primary Limitation Period is 3 months less 1 calendar day, which is the most common time limit. However, the time limit may vary, and either way, you are urged to take advice to confirm the correct limitation date for any claim you wish to pursue.

Some examples of normal/Primary Limitation Period (when you need to commence Early Acas Conciliation) are:

Unfair Dismissal – 3 months less 1 calendar day from the effective date of termination (which the date the employment ends).

Discrimination – 3 months less 1 calendar day from the discriminatory act complained of.

Redundancy Payment – 6 months starting with the relevant date (if you are also claiming unfair dismissal, you should go with the earlier 3 month less 1 calendar day, time limit.

Equal Pay – 6 months from the termination date

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