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Attending Formal Meetings at Work

Being invited to a formal meeting at work can be daunting. We give advice on how to approach this situation and avoid common mistakes.

Settlement Agreements

We are specialists in dealing with Settlement Agreements and can advise you on the terms or help negotiate better terms.

Constructive Dismissal

Constructive Unfair Dismissal arises where the employee terminates their employment contract in circumstances in which they are entitled to terminate it without notice by reason of the employer's conduct.

How to Address Concerns at Work

What approach you take will vary depending on the kind of problem, the type/size of business you work in, and also what you are trying to achieve.

Having Issues at Work - Things to Consider

If you are having an issue at work, there are some things to consider before deciding what to do.

Stages in Employment Tribunal Claims

I have set out the key steps in employment tribunal claims. The list is not exhaustive and may vary, usually found in each claim.

How to Make a Claim in the Employment Tribunal

To bring a claim you must present your claim on a form called the ET1. Find out your options.

Tips on Setting Out Your Claim

When you bring a claim on the ET1 you will need to set out the basis of your claim.

Tips on Setting Out the Grounds of Response

It is common for a “grounds of response” to be attached to the ET3, find out what basis you defend the claims.

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