Employment Settlement Agreements

If you have been offered an employment settlement agreement and need expert advice then you have come to the right place. Please contact me asap to discuss what happens next.

If you contact me to arrange next steps and put “settlement agreement” in the subject line, I will give you the key considerations when faced with an employment settlement agreement for free, even if you do not instruct me thereafter.

I understand being offered a settlement agreement can often be a difficult and confusing time. I can help you with this. I regularly work with employees on settlement agreements.

My approach is to act as quickly as possible and to review the settlement agreement and relevant documents so I understand the dispute. I will then schedule a suitable time to discuss the matter so we can progress as soon as possible. This is most often:

(1) If you are content with the terms, I will ensure you understand them, then we can arrange to finalise the settlement agreement; or

(2) If you are not happy with the terms I can work with you and take over the negotiation to enable an agreement to be reached.

If you would like assistance with an employment settlement agreement then please get in touch.

What Clients Say…

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