Fees in the Employment Tribunal

The post below is being updated after the landmark Supreme Court decision, that deemed Employment Tribunal fees unlawful.

As it stands, there is no longer a requirement to pay a fee to make a claim in the Employment Tribunal.

The Government has also vowed to repay all those that paid fees previously.

Therefore, what you see below in red about the claim fee, hearing fee and remission no longer applies.

Some additional information can be seen here, which is Unison’s press release (it was Unison that challenged the validly of Employment Tribunal fees at court).

Please note, it is only the requirement to pay a fee that no longer applies, other requirements, such as conducting Early Acas Conciliation and bringing your claim in time, still apply.

What you see in red below, at present, no longer applies:

Unless you are eligible for “remission,” bringing a claim in the Employment Tribunal incurs a fee.

When you submit the claim, there is a claim fee, which is either £160 or £250 depending on the type of claim(s).

If your claim progresses to Trial, there is also a hearing fee, which is £230 or £950 depending on the type of claim(s).

If fees are not paid on time, your claim may not be accepted or if proceedings have started your claim may be dismissed.

Information on the applicable fee can be found here.

A note explaining more about Employment Tribunal fees can be found here.

Remission – Help with Fees

If you are entitled to “remission” you may be able to pay a reduced fee or no fee at all.

You must make an application for remission for both the claim and hearing fee.

You can check your eligibility for remission here.

If you are eligible, some information on making an application for remission can be found here.


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