How to Make a Claim in the Employment Tribunal

To bring a claim you must present your claim, in writing, on a form called the ET1.

If the claim is not on the ET1 it will be rejected.

Your options to obtain the ET1 are:

  • You can obtain a paper version of the ET1 from an employment tribunal.
  • By printing off the ET1, it can be found here.
  • It can be completed and submitted online (what I suggest) – you can start that process here.

The three ways to submit the ET1 are:

By post to

Employment Tribunal Central Office (England and Wales)/Employment
Appeal Tribunal (EAT) Fees
PO Box 10218

Or if you live in Scotland to:

Employment Tribunal Central Office Scotland /Employment Appeal Tribunal
(EAT) Fees
PO Box 27105
G2 9JR

(The form needs to be submitted with the relevant fee or a remission application).

In person

Not all the Tribunal centres can accept ET1s so check in advance, a list of the venues can be found here. The ET1 will still need to be accompanied by the relevant fee or remission application. You will need a cheque because at the time of writing the Tribunal venues do not accept cash or card payments.


This remains the quickest and easiest way to submit the ET1 and how I am going to show you how to do it. Again, you need to make the payment or an application for remission – the payment can only be made via a card.

Help / information on submitting your claim, the relevant fees and remission can be found here.

Some Key Points
  • You need to complete the form carefully.
  • Some of the information requested is compulsory and some is not.
  • Failure to provide the compulsory information will result in the claim being rejected. This compulsory information is marked on the form with an asterisk.
  • The contact details of the parties need to be accurate. The Tribunal centre to deal with the claim is usually the closest to the postcode of the place you use to work.
  • There is an enquiry line to help with this if you are not sure: 0845 795 9775
  • Your claim will not be accepted if:
    • It is not on the ET1.
    • All the required information is not provided.
    • You have not provided the correct fee or a valid remission application.


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